Included plugins

Plugins which are included by default

UASECO comes with a significant number of included plugins to maximize your gameplay and feel while hunting records.

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Plugin Description Author(s) Deprecated
chat.admin.php Provides regular admin commands., askuri Displays help for public chat commands.
chat.last_online.php Shows when a player was last online., askuri Builds a chat message starting with the nickname from player., askuri
chat.player_infos.php Displays current list of nicks/logins.
chat.rasp.php Provides private messages and a wide variety of shout-outs. yes
chat.rasp_nextrank.php Shows the next better ranked player., askuri
chat.record_relations.php Shows ranked records and their relations on the current map., askuri
chat.records.php Displays all records of the current map., askuri
chat.server.php Provides server and UASECO info
chat.stats.php Displays player statistics and personal settings., askuri
chat.wins.php Shows wins for current or given online player, askuri
plugin.access.php Controls player access by zone.
plugin.autotime.php Changes Timelimit dynamically depending on the next map's author time., askuri
plugin.chat_log.php Keeps log of player chat, and displays the chat log.
plugin.checkpoints.php Stores Checkpoint timing and displays a Checkpoint Widget with timings from local/dedimania records.
plugin.customize_quit_dialog.php Customize the Quit-Dialog when a Player wants to leave the server.
plugin.dedimania.php Handles interaction with the Dedimania world database and shows new/online Dedimania world records and their relations on the current track.
plugin.donate.php Processes planet donations to and payments from the server.
plugin.effect_studio.php Plays/Displays several effects on configured events.
plugin.info_bar.php Displays a multi information bar.
plugin.local_records.php Saves record into a local database.
plugin.mania_exchange.php Handles maps from ManiaExchange and provides MX records message at start of each map.
plugin.mania_karma.php Global Karma Database for Map votings.
plugin.manialinks.php Provides simple ManiaLink windows, also handles special panels and custom UI changes. yes Times playing time of a map, provides map and time info and shows (file)names of current map's and song mod.
plugin.message_log.php Keeps log of system messages, and displays the messages log.
plugin.mistral_idlekick.php Kick idle Players to let waiting spectators play.
plugin.modescript_handler.php Handle the Modescript Callbacks send by the dedicated server and related settings.
plugin.music_server.php Handles all server-controlled music.
plugin.muting.php Handles individual and global player muting, and provides /mute, /unmute, /mutelist and /refresh commands., askuri
plugin.panels.php Selects ManiaLink panel templates. yes
plugin.rasp.php Provides rank and personal best handling, and related chat commands. yes
plugin.rasp_irc.php Provides IRC bot to link the server to a channel on an IRC server. yes
plugin.rasp_jukebox.php Allow players to add maps to the "jukebox" so they can play favorites without waiting. yes
plugin.rasp_karma.php Votes for a map and displays current score of it. yes
plugin.rasp_votes.php Provides sophisticated chat-based voting features, similar to (and fully integrated with) MX /add votes. yes
plugin.records_eyepiece.php A fully configurable HUD for all type of records and gamemodes., .anDy, Bueddl
plugin.round_autoend.php Ends the current round after a computed amount of time automatically.
plugin.round_points.php Allows setting common and custom Rounds points systems.
plugin.rounds.php Reports finishes in each individual round.
plugin.stunt_messages.php Displays Stunt messages at the top of the screen like "Free Style 360!!"...
plugin.tachometer.php Displays a smart tachometer on the HUD., reaby
plugin.uptodate.php Checks if there is a more recent version of UASECO at start-up & MasterAdmin connect, and provides "/admin uptodate" command., askuri
plugin.vote_manager.php Provides a Widget and handles Skip, Restart, Balance votings.
plugin.welcome_center.php Displays a message in the chat and can display a Welcome-Window on Player connects.

Plugins which are marked as deprecated will be replaced by newly written plugins or the funtionality will be removed, if you want to write a plugin, then please do not relay on one of a deprecated plugin!

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