to the community

Without these peoples this project were never possible.

  • Florian Schnell, the original author of ASECO
  • Eyez (Iain Surgey) & Assembler Maniac (Brad Mettee), the original authors of RASP
  • Jfreu (Jean-Francois Lascoutx), the author of the Jfreu plugin
  • Mistral, the author of the Idlekick plugin
  • Slig (Gilles Masson), the author of FAST and Dedimania
  • Xymph (Frans P. de Vries), the author of XAseco[2]
  • kremsy (Lukas Kremsmayr), the author of MPAseco
  • for ideas and encouragement for XAseco[2]: XiniX, Vulcano, Fles, Schuurtje, SirStoner, Kaas, Soptor, El Fuego, f*ckfish, cow, slly, BReMFox, blooper, m&o, soehest, Qbert, L3cKy, Djoszee, Dagobert, Luke Filewalker, Xerrez, (XXX-)Ant, nocturne, lille79, -tK-, w1lla, nouseforname, schmidi, Nanir and others Xymph probably has forgotten =)
  • for ideas and encouragement for UASECO: Reaby, Oliverde8, W1lla, TheM, Leigham, Spaii, Hackie (Phantom), Suma and others I have probably forgotten

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