How are we doing it?

  • We assume that you are working on a Windows operating system and you are extracting the ZIP- and edit the config files on it.
  • We use Trackmania Canyon as TitlePack, so you will have a running Maniaplanet Dedicated Server with the Canyon environment. Of course you can replace Canyon with e.g. Stadium to use that TitlePack.


Thanks to Hoerli there is now a video tutorial in german which teaches you to how to install UASECO:


In this manual I present two scenarios of an typical Maniaplanet Dedicated Server installation. There are more possibilities then just these two, but i can not handle all of them. You could also use a VirtualBox on your Windows computer and the VirtualBox simulates a computer which runs Linux (e.g. Ubuntu). On that you can install the Linux variant of a Maniaplanet dedicated server.

Scenario No.1: Hosted in a data center (24/7)

You have a so called dedicated server which is running Linux and is located inside of a data center and it is available 24/7 from the internet.

This is the default scenario for this manual.

Scenario No.2: Hosted at home

You want to install the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server on your computer which is running Windows and is located at your home. All steps required an extra handling, files or tools are marked with @home.

UASECO has been successfully tested with

Operation System

  • ArchLinux 2018.09.01 (64-bit)
  • CentOS 6.x (64-bit)
  • Debian 7.x (64-bit)
  • FreeBSD 10.x (64-bit)
  • openSUSE 12.x, 13.x (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • openSUSE Leap 42.x (64-bit)
  • Ubuntu Server 18.x (64-bit), 16.x (64-bit), 12.x (32-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (32-bit)
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)


  • 7.2.x
  • 7.3.x

MySQL Community Edition

  • 5.1.x
  • 5.5.x
  • 5.6.x
  • 5.7.x


  • 5.5.x
  • 10.0.x
  • 10.1.x
  • 10.3.x
  • 10.4.x

WAMP environments @home

Path Structure

This documentation uses a defined path structure which looks like this:

Maniaplanet dedicated server


UASECO server controller

uaseco\docs\dedicated server\
uaseco\newinstall\dedicated server\


UASECO installation

To run UASECO and a Maniaplanet Dedicated Server the minimum requirements are:


PHP have to be allowed to use the function exec() for the WebRequest class, so make sure that the php.ini setting at disable_functions exclude exec which the php-cli executable is using!

For TLS/SSL connections you have to make sure, that you have setup the openssl.cafile to an up-to-date cert.pem, download and install instructions coming later.

PHP/7.2.0 or newer, in where the following extensions have to be enabled:

You can install the extension by using this command line (replace 7.2 with the wanted PHP release):

Debian, Ubuntu... (apt-get)

sudo apt-get install php-pear php7.2-common php7.2-mysql php7.2-curl php7.2-gd \ php7.2-json php7.2-mbstring php7.2-xml php7.2-ftp php7.2-iconv php7.2-zip php7.2-dev

Arch Linux (pacman)

pacman -S apache mariadb php php-apache php-gd


You can choose between MySQL and MariaDB, UASECO supports both:

MySQL/5.1.0 or newer (5.7.x recommended), in where the following extensions have to be enabled:

MariaDB/5.5.20 or newer (10.1.x recommended), in where the following extensions have to be enabled:


Maniaplanet Dedicated Server version 2019-02-27_14_00 or newer, and requires:

  • XML-RPC API-Version 2013-04-16 or newer
  • ModeScript API-Version 2.5.0 or newer

The Maniaplanet Dedicated Server and UASECO has to run on the same physical machine, otherwise UASECO is not able to read all map files from the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server playlist.


UASECO installation

These are my recommendations for a Maniaplanet Dedicated Server with UASECO and I use these software in this manual.


Operation System

WAMP environments @home


  • Text Editor Notepad++ (open source)
  • SFTP, SCP and FTP client WinSCP (Free software)
  • SSH client PuTTY (open source)

If you have already installed a text editor which can handle utf8 files correct, then you do not need Notepad++ (the included Windows Notepad can not handle it!). WinSCP is only required if you want to transfer the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server and UASECO on your dedicated server inside the data center.



Make sure that the XML config files you edit are always stored UTF-8 encoded, you have to select the encoding Encode in Encoded in UTF-8 without BOM in the menu:

Notepad++ UTF-8 Encoding


Make sure that you transfer all the files in Binary and not as Text.

WinSCP transfer as Binary


Bunch of required files

Before we are able to start the installation process, we need to download all theses files and store them onto your harddrive into a folder.


Download the actual cert.pem file from the curl project: direct link or download page.

Maniaplanet dedicated server

Download the latest release of the Maniaplanet dedicated server 2019-02-27_14_00

Maniaplanet campaings maps

Download the default campaings maps: all A-Maps from TMCanyon, TMStadium and TMValley, shadows calculated in MP4.

Maniaplanet TitlePacks

You only need to download that TitlePack which you want to use:

If you want to setup a Maniaplanet Dedicated Server on where all above TitlePacks are mixed, then you need this TitlePack too (and of course all of the above):


Download the release UASECO/0.9.6 2019-03-02.

Uniform Server ZeroXIII @home

Download the latest release of the Uniform Server ZeroXIII at SourceForge


Lets starting it

Personal Data

In order to setup a Maniaplanet Dedicated Server and UASECO you need the following:

  • The PlayerLogin from the player
  • The PlayerPassword from the player
  • The Validation Key from the player
  • A valid e-mail-address


To make the foreign players able to connect to your Maniaplanet dedicated server, you have to open some ports in your firewall.

If you want to run the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server and UASECO on a computer that is located at your home, then you probably have a router over that this computer is connected to the internet. In this case you have to forward traffic at the listed ports below to the local IP of your computer on that the Maniaplanet dedicated server and UASECO are running on.

Required ports

  • Server port 2350 UDP and TCP incomming and outgoing traffic
  • P2P port 3450 UDP and TCP incomming and outgoing traffic
  • HTTP port 80 and 443 TCP and UDP incomming and outgoing traffic (mostly for the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server to communicate to the MasterServer)
  • HTTP port 8082 TCP incomming and outgoing traffic (to communicate to the Dedimania servers)

Do not open the XML-RPC port 5000 to the internet, because this is only for local communication between the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server and UASECO!

If you want to have more then one Maniaplanet Dedicated Server on one computer, then you have to increase the Server, P2P and XML-RPC port, e.g. to 2351, 3451 and 5001 and so on.

Maniaplanet dedicated server account

You have to create a server account at your Maniaplanet Account Manager, login with your PlayerLogin and PlayerPassword. Later we need the ServerLogin and ServerPassword of that server you have created.

Account Manager - Dedicated Server Accounts

To be able to receive Planets by donations from players or to pay out Planets by e.g. Records-Eyepiece for the ranks 1 till 3 after each map, you have to transfer an amount of Planets from your player account to the just created Maniaplanet Dedicated Server account.

Click on Edit right from the just created Maniaplanet Dedicated Server account and then enter an amount of planets, I recommend an amount of 1000 Planets:

Transfer Planets from server to your player account

Dedimania registration

To be able to use the Dedimania plugin, you have to register your Maniaplanet Dedicated Server account at Dedimania to be able to read and store records from your players.

You have to authenticate you with your player login at and to select Connect on ManiaPlanet - MP4 (see screenshot no. 1), after sucessfully authentication you have to click on Register your dedicated servers (see screenshot no. 2).

On that page you will see all your dedicated servers you have registered in the player page at (see screenshot no. 3), click on the button Register server at that dedicated server you want to create the dedimania code to.

After that copy your dedimania code, you will need this later at the UASECO installation (see screenshot no. 4).

1. authentication
2. server registration
3. server code generation
4. server code result

Create folder @home

Please create a folder on your harddrive, in this manual we use C:\ManiaplanetServer\. In these folder we will install the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server , UASECO and the Uniform Server ZeroXIII

  • Create a subfolder in C:\ManiaplanetServer\ with the name GameServer, then a path C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\ should exists now.
  • Create a subfolder in C:\ManiaplanetServer\ with the name uaseco, then a path C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\ should exists now.

Extract Uniform Server ZeroXIII @home

  • Create a subfolder in C:\ManiaplanetServer\ with the name UniformServerZeroXIII, then a path C:\ManiaplanetServer\UniformServerZeroXIII\ should exists now.
  • Execute the downloaded Uniform Server ZeroXIII file, e.g. 13_3_2_ZeroXIII.exe and extract the files into the folder C:\ManiaplanetServer\UniformServerZeroXIII\.

Setup Windows Command Prompt @home

To be able to see all of the output and read the most of the UTF-8 encoded Nicknames and Mapnames, you can setup the Windows Command Prompt. For a fully detailed manual and with screenshots visit

Prefered changes for an 1920 x 1080 px resolution:

  • Change the font size to 14 or lower
  • Change the font to Consolas
  • Change the window size to width 220 and height 60


Setup PHP

Edit php.ini

PHP normally use different ini-files for the API (e.g. CLI, Apache...), so you have to find which php.ini your php-cli is using.

You can simply find it by using the command php -r 'echo php_ini_loaded_file();' in a console, that could output something like this: /etc/php/7.2.0/php-cli.ini.

  • Open /etc/php/7.2.0/php-cli.ini and search for openssl.cafile, if it is not found then add openssl.cafile=/etc/php/7.2.0/cert.pem to it, or does it not contain any value, then change it to openssl.cafile=/etc/php/7.2.0/cert.pem.
  • Move the downloaded cert.pem to /etc/php/7.2.0/cert.pem.

You have to replace /etc/php/7.2.0/ with the result of the command.

Edit C:\ManiaplanetServer\UniformServerZeroXIII\core\php72\php-cli.ini @home

  • Remove the beginning ; from the following entries (if not already):
    • extension=php_ftp.dll
    • extension=php_exif.dll
    • extension=php_mysqli.dll
    • extension=php_openssl.dll
    • extension=php_gd2.dll
    • extension=php_mbstring.dll

If an entry from the above list is missing, please add them.

  • Add openssl.cafile=C:\ManiaplanetServer\UniformServerZeroXIII\core\php72\cert.pem to it.
  • Move the downloaded cert.pem to C:\ManiaplanetServer\UniformServerZeroXIII\core\php72\cert.pem.

Dedicated Server

Installing the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server

reaby wrote a very detailed and good documentation on how to install the Maniaplanet dedicated server, which can be found at the official Maniaplanet forum. So if you get stuck somewhere in here, you can try to look for a solution there (and please let me know where you got stuck).

Extract the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server

Extract the file into the folder C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\.

Extract the file into the folder C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\.

Contents of C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\


Setup MatchSettings

You have to setup the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server to run in the <game_mode> "Script" and <script_name> to TimeAttack.Script.txt, also you have to declare which <title> the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server should use.

Copy C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\UserData\Maps\MatchSettings\TMCanyonA.txt to C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\UserData\Maps\MatchSettings\maplist_canyon.txt.

Edit C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\UserData\Maps\MatchSettings\maplist_canyon.txt with Notepad++:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

The above example is shorter and only the required tags that need to be changed or added are shown.

Setup dedicated config

Copy C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\UserData\UserData\Config\dedicated_cfg.default.txt to C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\UserData\Config\dedicated_canyon.txt.

Edit C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\UserData\Config\dedicated_canyon.txt:








The above example is shorter and only the required tags that need to be changed or added are shown. For a detailed description of each tag visit the official documentation.

  • Replace YOUR_SUPERADMIN_PASSWORD with a secure password for maximum security, do not re-use this!
  • Replace YOUR_ADMIN_PASSWORD with a secure password for maximum security, do not re-use this!
  • Replace YOUR_USER_PASSWORD with a secure password for maximum security, do not re-use this and do not use your password from your player login here!
  • Replace YOUR_SERVER_LOGIN with your setup at the PlayerPage.
  • Replace YOUR_SERVER_PASSWORD with your setup at the PlayerPage.
  • Replace YOUR_VALIDATION_KEY with your validation key you have received by mail after your Player account registration (usually five characters long).
  • Replace YOUR_SERVER_NAME with a name that describes your server, you can use formating codes and Crazy Nicknames to make your server unique. This name will be shown in the in-game serverlist.
  • You should setup <connection_uploadrate> and <connection_downloadrate> to the values the internet connection can handle (Kbits per second).
  • The <title> has to be in sync with the settings from C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\UserData\Maps\MatchSettings\maplist_canyon.txt.
  • You should <disable_coherence_checks> set to true to prevent players to be kicked and banned from the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server when the connection of the player is very slow.

I changed <system_config><xmlrpc_port> from 5000 to 5001, because the game client reserves it for ingame lan server, so if you start the game client before the dedicated server, you get an error like not in script mode.

Setup startup file

I prefer to have a simple filename for the startup file for the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server, so I use the ServerLogin as part of the filename. With this you can see easily which Maniaplanet Dedicated Server it is.

Replace YOUR_SERVER_LOGIN with the <masterserver_account><login> from C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\UserData\Config\dedicated_canyon.txt.


Copy C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\ to C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\

Edit C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\

./ManiaPlanetServer /title=TMCanyon@nadeo /game_settings=MatchSettings/maplist_canyon.txt /dedicated_cfg=dedicated_canyon.txt

Windows @home

Copy C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\RunSrvTM.bat to C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\run_tm_YOUR_SERVER_LOGIN.bat

Edit C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\run_tm_YOUR_SERVER_LOGIN.bat:

ManiaPlanetServer.exe /title=TMCanyon@nadeo /game_settings=MatchSettings/maplist_canyon.txt /dedicated_cfg=dedicated_canyon.txt

See the complete command line options and the official TitleIDs from the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server for more details.

  • The parameter /title has to be the same as in the C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\UserData\Maps\MatchSettings\maplist_canyon.txt and C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\UserData\Config\dedicated_canyon.txt, so it is TMCanyon@nadeo.
  • The parameter /game_settings has to be the MatchSettings file relative from C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\UserData\Maps\, so it is just MatchSettings\maplist_canyon.txt.
  • The parameter /dedicated_cfg has to be the filename C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\UserData\Config\dedicated_canyon.txt, without the path C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\UserData\Config\, so it is then just dedicated_canyon.txt.


To save space on the drive (and to not transfer unnecessary you can remove the following files and folders from C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\:



Delete the ManiaPlanetServer.exe and RunSrvTM.bat files too.

Windows @home

Delete the ManiaPlanetServer and files too.


Installing the UASECO server controller

In this part of this documentation we install the server controller USAECO, this will store the informations for Records, Players, Maps and so on, and let you control several things at the dedicated Server.

Extract UASECO server controller

Extract the file into the folder C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\.

Contents of C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\


Setup the Database

You have to create a database in MySQL or MariaDB in where UASECO can store informations, settings, records and so on. You can use phpMyAdmin for this, or connect directly to the MySQL console.

Connect to the MySQL console
mysql --user='root' -p

You will be asked for the password of root, after successfully authentication, create an new database.

Create an new database for UASECO:
CREATE DATABASE `uaseco` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET 'utf8mb4' DEFAULT COLLATE 'utf8mb4_unicode_ci';

You can use an other name as uaseco for that database, but in this documentation I will use this name.

After that you have to create a seperate user and grant this user all rights to the uaseco database:

Create an new User
  • Replace MYSQL_USER with the mysql user you have created or you got from your provider.
  • Replace MYSQL_HOST with the hostname on which your MySQL or MariaDB server is running on, normally it is localhost.
  • Replace MYSQL_PASSWORD with a secure password.
Setup the database tables

Setting up the database tables in MySQL is done automatically the first time UASECO runs, so here is no need to setup it manually.

Convert a database from XAseco2

If you are switching from XAseco2 to UASECO, then you can use your current database to keep all records of the players. In the last section Starting you will find a manual to convert your database.


Now you have to setup several files in the config folder, to make UASECO able to connect to the database and to the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server, and to welcome your players on your server.

The below action is only for an new installation, if you want to upgrade your UASECO installation, please visit the Upgrade Guide!

  • Move all files from C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\newinstall\config\ into the folder C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\config\
  • Move all files from C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\newinstall\locales\ into the folder C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\locales\
  • Move C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\newinstall\\ into the folder C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\
  • Move C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\newinstall\\ into the folder C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\
  • Move C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\newinstall\uaseco.bat\ into the folder C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\ (@home)
  • Move C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\newinstall\webrequest.bat\ into the folder C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\ (@home)

If the folder C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\newinstall\dedicated-server\ does contain a folder which name matches the release date of the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server then you have to copy all the files:

  • Copy the contents of C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\newinstall\dedicated-server\RELEASE_DATE into the folder C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\UserData\Scripts\ and override all the files.

Replace RELEASE_DATE with the release date of the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server.

Edit config\UASECO.xml






  • Replace YOUR_DEDICATED_PORT with your setup from UserData\Config\dedicated_canyon.txt at <system_config><xmlrpc_port>.
  • Replace YOUR_SUPERADMIN_PASSWORD with your setup from UserData\Config\dedicated_canyon.txt at <authorization_levels><level><password> from the SuperAdmin.
  • Replace YOUR_PLAYER_LOGIN with your player login. You can add more then one MasterAdmins if you want, just duplicate this line.
  • Replace DATABASE_LOGIN with the mysql user for the database uaseco you created above.
  • Replace DATABASE_PASSWORD this with the mysql password for the database uaseco you have set above.
  • Replace DATABASE_NAME this with the mysql you set above (e.g. uaseco).
  • Replace PATH_TO_DEDICATED_SERVER this with the full path in where the file ManiaPlanetServer is located after you have uploaded it to your dedicated server. For @home the path is C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\.
  • Replace YOUR_MAIL_ADRESS with a working mail address.
  • Replace MAP_IMAGES_PATH with an full path in where the images of the maps will be stored. Make sure your HTTP Webserver handles this folder.

Edit config\dedimania.xml

Edit config\mania_karma.xml
  • Replace YOUR_NATION this with a ISO 3166 ALPHA-3 string which represents your nation, see a full list at WikiPedia at the row Alpha-3.

Edit config\records_eyepiece.xml
  • Replace YOUR_MAP_IMAGES_FOLDER_URL with the full URL of the <mapimages_path> folder, e.g. (you have setup this folder in config/UASECO.XML at <mapimages_path>).

These are the minimal settings, you can change more later, but lets have a running system first!

Edit newinstall\ and newinstall\
  • Replace cd /home/tm2/uaseco with the real path on your server.

Edit newinstall\uaseco.bat and newinstall\webrequest.bat (@home)
  • Replace C:\Programme\Apache2\Php5 with C:\ManiaplanetServer\UniformServerZeroXIII\core\php71.


Transfer the files

Upload files

Transfer all files and folders from C:\ManiaplanetServer\ into a folder by FTP or SCP to your dedicated server, e.g. /home/YOUR_USER/

Replace YOUR_USER with the correct user of your system.

Change rights

After uploading you have to change some rights, login by SSH on your dedicated server:

cd /home/YOUR_USER/
chmod 0700 GameServer/ManiaPlanetServer
chmod 0700 GameServer/
chmod 0755 GameServer/UserData/Replays/GReplays/
chmod 0755 GameServer/UserData/Replays/VReplays/
chmod 0700 uaseco/
chmod 0700 uaseco/

Replace YOUR_USER with the correct user of your system and YOUR_SERVER_LOGIN with the ServerLogin you have created at the setup of the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server.


Lets go into the hot phase

Connect to your dedicated server by SSH.

Convert an existing XAseco2 database

If you have a XAseco2 database and want to use them, you have to convert it into the UASECO database structure. For this just use the included converter:

cd /home/YOUR_USER/uaseco/
php -d max_execution_time=0 -d memory_limit=-1 newinstall/database/convert-xaseco2-to-uaseco.php

Replace YOUR_USER with the correct user of your system. You have to setup the config\UASECO.xml first, because the settings for the database will be read from this file!

Start the Maniaplanet Dedicated Server

cd /home/YOUR_USER/GameServer/
cd C:\ManiaplanetServer\GameServer\

Start UASECO server controller

cd /home/YOUR_USER/uaseco/
cd C:\ManiaplanetServer\uaseco\

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