Class Map

Documentation of includes/core/map.class.php

Stores information about a Map on the dedicated server.


Members Example Values
$map->id 377
$map->uid g6BQJO4wlyolDbhsLvau7R7g7Ml
$map->filename MX/derra-mini-lol-16-5-17_121280.Map.gbx
$map->name $c00$o$w$s$i$fffÐĘЯЯ@ $ff MiNi LoL $8 16-5-17
$map->name_stripped ÐĘЯЯ@ MiNi LoL 16-5-17
$map->name_slug derra MiNi LoL 16-5-17
$map->comment This is my first dedicated map for the $L[]CSb¹ Team$L, enjoy it!
$map->author_nickname $I$09Fぎтяα¢кєяѕ$AAA|$FFFυηפєғ
$map->author_zone array('Europe', 'Germany', 'Bremen')
$map->author_continent Europe
$map->author_nation GER
$map->author_score 70721
$map->author_time 70721
$map->gold_time 71720
$map->silver_time 72720
$map->bronze_time 73720
$map->nb_laps 0
$map->multi_lap false
$map->nb_checkpoints 11
$map->cost 12815
$map->environment Canyon
$map->mood Day
$map->type Trackmania\Race
$map->mod_name SaharaCanyon
$map->mod_file Skins\Canyon\Mod\SaharaCanyon.Pack.Gbx
$map->validated true
$map->exeversion 3.3.0
$map->exebuild 2013-08-01_17_12
$map->mx Class MXInfoFetcher object
$map->karma array()
$map->starttime 1405625090

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