Supported Modescripts

Currently supported Modescripts


Name Version (or higher) Constant Author
Rounds.Script.txt 2017-05-31 Gameinfo::ROUNDS Nadeo
TimeAttack.Script.txt 2017-07-12 Gameinfo::TIMEATTACK Nadeo
Team.Script.txt 2017-07-12 Gameinfo::TEAM Nadeo
Laps.Script.txt 2017-07-12 Gameinfo::LAPS Nadeo
Cup.Script.txt 2017-07-12 Gameinfo::CUP Nadeo
TeamAttack.Script.txt 2016-04-13 Gameinfo::TEAMATTACK Nadeo
Chase.Script.txt 2017-08-11 Gameinfo::CHASE Nadeo
Knockout.Script.txt 2015-06-27 Gameinfo::KNOCKOUT domino54
Doppler.Script.txt 2015-08-29 Gameinfo::DOPPLER Nerpson

If an Modescript in the above listing is strikethrough, then this means that this Modescript is not yet fully tested. You can use it and if you find problems, then please report them in the official Forum in the UASECO-Section.

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