Database Import

from other Controllers into UASECO

With the scripts in the folder newinstall/database you are able to convert a database from an other Controller (e.g. XAseco2) into a UASECO database.

Currently there is only the support for converting a XAseco2 database, but we are working currently on converter for ManiaControl and PyPlanet.

Step 1

You have to setup the connection data in <settings><dbms> at the config/UASECO.xml file to enable the converter to connect to your database.

Step 2

UASECO stores for all local records the Gamemode it was running while driving it. This feature requires it, to setup here your gamemode which you have used in your previous used Controller too.


You can find your settings in the MatchSettings file from your dedicated Server at <playlist><gameinfos><game_mode>:

ID Mode
1 Rounds
2 TimeAttack
3 Team
4 Laps
5 Cup

Replace the below [GAMEMODE] with one of the above ID. If your ID is not in the list above, then your Gamemode is not supported by UASECO!

Example: If your dedicated server was running the Gamemode TimeAttack then you have to replace [GAMEMODE] with 2.

Step 3

Execute this Script from a Shell (LINUX) or Command Prompt (Windows), change into that directory in where you can find uaseco.php.


php -d max_execution_time=0 -d memory_limit=-1 ./newinstall/database/convert-xaseco2-to-uaseco.php [GAMEMODE]


php.exe -d max_execution_time=0 -d memory_limit=-1 .\newinstall\database\convert-xaseco2-to-uaseco.php [GAMEMODE]

Note: Replace xaseco2 with e.g. maniacontrol or pyplanet, when you used one of these Controllers.

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