UASECO server controller

The controller for Modescript Gamemodes at Trackmania²

After over two years of development to get everything polished up, we are proud to announce the availability of the next release of UASECO. There are still some things to change or optimize, so there are needs for more testing and translation, but the functionality is given and it should run without any crash.

Simple Migration

With the included converter you can reuse your current database from XAseco2 with UASECO, just start to convert it and you are ready to go.

Clean and powerful

The complete code of XAseco2 has been examined and rewritten into a modern code structure, this classes makes it easier for plugin authors to write code.

Running stable

The original code was rewritten by a coder with more then 20 years experience, changes on codebase where made to make it more reliable then XAseco2.

Easy to configure

By using the well-known and easy to handle XML-Configfiles it makes it easy for you to configure. It is the same way as it was for XAseco2.

Stunning Style

The new stunning and lightweight look and feel of the complete HUD does not disturb the gameplay while racing the best times and having fun.

Widely customizable

Customize the style of your server to your needs, it is easy to adjust the background- and text colors in the XML-Configfiles.

Innovative Features

New and before unseen features - like the included speed-o-meter - has been developed to impress players and to let them revisit your server.

Fully documented

New plugin authors can start instant to write code because of the available documentation of all classes, methods, properties and constants.

Open source

Released under a open source license makes sure that this project can lifelong. Also it is free of charge for you to use.

What means UASECO?

UASECO is a fork of the XAseco2/1.03 controller for Trackmania and has been overhauled to support the Modescript Gamemodes of Trackmania² in Maniaplanet. Only Modescript Gamemodes of Trackmania² are supported, there is no support included for the legacy Gamemodes of Trackmania².

ASECO is an abbreviation of Automatic SErver COntrol, the prefix U at UASECO stays for undef, which follows the same naming convention initiated by Xymph for XAseco.

This project was forked in May 2014 from XAseco2/1.03 release and was mixed with parts/ideas from MPAseco and ASECO/2.2.0c, for supporting the Trackmania² Modescript Gamemodes from the Maniaplanet/3+ update.

Many parts has been rewritten in 2017 again because of the ModeScript API changes for the Maniaplanet/4 update.

Do you like this? Please support!

All of the authors of this project are doing this in their spare time, and to keep our motivation on a high level it is highly appreciated if you donate money.

You can also donate some planets to us, with this we can upgrade the servers to a so called ladder server or to pay out the planets to players as well.

Showcase of the UASECO server controller

The controller for Modescript Gamemodes at Trackmania²

How does it look?

Just start this video presentation and find out:

Tutorials for UASECO

The controller for Modescript Gamemodes at Trackmania²

Thanks to Hoerli there is now a video tutorial in german which teaches you to how to install UASECO:

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