feel free to get into contact

If you feel necessary to contact me for feedback, help, bugs or suggestions, then please visit the sub-forum at Maniaplanet forum to post your message.

To help me to find what was happen on a bug report, please add in your Post:

  • which version of the Plugin you have installed
  • which version of UASECO you have running
  • one or more Screenshots
  • extract of the log file where the error appears (remove any Usernames or Passwords in there)

If your message should not be public (for any reason), then you can send me a PM at the Maniaplanet forum.

You can use in a PM one of these languages:

  • German
  • English

Please do not contact me for private UASECO support, use the public forum instead. I do all the work in my spare time and did not have time left to give private support. In the public forum other admins can help you too!

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