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  • (Project Leader, Core Developer, German Translations)
  • askuri (Core Developer Locales, German Translations)
  • Phantom (Testing, Nederland Translations)

About - the undefined ;)

I did not wrote it somewhere when the first contact was with Trackmania, but I found Trackmania Sunrise on a DEMO-CD from the c't magazin 4/2005, maybe around the end of 2005.

After playing this a longer time and building own maps, painting my car..., I found 2006 on the CD from c't magazin 6/2006 the TrackMania Nations ESWC, the gameplay was total different to Trackmania Sunrise, but I loved it so much.

After playing around with it only local till the end of 2006, I was setup a online account for it. Early 2007 I found Trackmania Nations and played with it. But after a short while I wanted to be able to have a custom car, so I bought Trackmania United. In 2008 I updated to Trackmania United Forever.

Meanwhile I was running a own dedicated server, only with all my own hand-made Tracks. This was the first time I came in touch with XAseco and all the plugins. After fiddling around with the FuFi.Widgets, I was lucky with what I made.

But one thing was not as I wanded, the Karma votes for Tracks. Nobody voted for a Track, and when someone does a vote then it was only on that server. I was jumping around on many servers to see how players like my Tracks. That was the time where the project Mania-Karma (formally TM-Karma) was born and I developed my very first plugin for XAseco. The first (beta) release of the ManiaKarma plugin was around Aug. 2009.

Since that time the amount of my plugins was growing (see my labs for a complete list):

  • 20 plugins for XAseco2
  • 19 plugins for XAseco
  • 8 plugins for MPAseco
  • 1 plugin for Aseco
  • and some currently unreleased...

And now I work on the project UASECO...

About askuri

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About Phantom

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