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  • (Project Leader, Core Developer, German Translations)
  • askuri (Core Developer Locales, German Translations)
  • Phantom (Testing, Nederland Translations)

About - the undefined ;)

I did not wrote it somewhere when the first contact was with Trackmania, but I found Trackmania Sunrise on a DEMO-CD from the c't magazin 4/2005, maybe around the end of 2005.

After playing this a longer time and building own maps, painting my car..., I found 2006 on the CD from c't magazin 6/2006 the TrackMania Nations ESWC, the gameplay was total different to Trackmania Sunrise, but I loved it so much.

After playing around with it only local till the end of 2006, I was setup a online account for it. Early 2007 I found Trackmania Nations and played with it. But after a short while I wanted to be able to have a custom car, so I bought Trackmania United. In 2008 I updated to Trackmania United Forever.

Meanwhile I was running a own dedicated server, only with all my own hand-made Tracks. This was the first time I came in touch with XAseco and all the plugins. After fiddling around with the FuFi.Widgets, I was lucky with what I made.

But one thing was not as I wanded, the Karma votes for Tracks. Nobody voted for a Track, and when someone does a vote then it was only on that server. I was jumping around on many servers to see how players like my Tracks. That was the time where the project Mania-Karma (formally TM-Karma) was born and I developed my very first plugin for XAseco. The first (beta) release was around Aug. 2009.

Since that time the amount of my plugins was growing (see my labs for a complete list):

  • 20 plugins for XAseco2
  • 19 plugins for XAseco
  • 8 plugins for MPAseco
  • 1 plugin for Aseco
  • and some currently unrelease...

And now I work on the project UASECO...

About askuri

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About Phantom

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